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OTSO Fintech Secures $3M USD in Pre-A Funding

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

OTSO Fintech, a fintech startup that provides services through its data-driven intelligent social trading platform, "SoFinX," proudly announces the successful completion of a Pre-A funding round, securing approximately $3M USD ( approx. $97M TWD) on November 13th. Notable investors include AVA Angels, Starworks Entrepreneurial Venture Capital, and Kai Tan, the Co-Founder of J&V Energy Technology. Additionally, individual investments were made by prominent executives from listed electronics companies. This injection of capital will accelerate OTSO Fintech's global expansion of the SoFinX platform, reshaping Wealth-Management as a Service (WaaS) with AI-driven data, and introducing diverse asset flows into the financial markets.

Edison Tuan, CEO of OTSO Fintech stated, In the digital realm, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) wield substantial influence over public opinion. In the trading world, the "SoFinX Intelligent Social Trading Platform" introduces the concept of "KOI" (Key Opinion Investor). Through the SoFinX platform, exceptional investors globally, spanning different brokers, become KOIs. Rather than generating post or video content, KOIs leverage real trading data as signals. This approach allows inexperienced or time-constrained investors to observe, evaluate, and utilize platform functionalities to follow the trading signals of these KOIs, achieving a winning rate of up to 80%. SoFinX aims to be a user-friendly and essentialinvestment empowerment tool for all investors and financial trading entities, emphasizing the pivotal role of "data."

Edison Tuan, CEO of OTSO Fintech, stated, "The concept of SoFinX may seem simple, but harnessing 'data' to construct this platform is challenging. With years of experience providing comprehensive online services for global financial brokerage businesses, we firmly believe that 'data' is the most tangible and valuable asset in the trading world—a powerful tool that can genuinely assist investors and brokers. In addition to aggregating real trading signals from KOIs, OTSO Fintech's professional data team analyzes vast investment data every second, transforming it into easily interpretable indicator tools to aid investors in their decision-making process. We aim for 'trust' and 'empowerment.' 'Trust' is built on the authenticity of every piece of data on SoFinX, sourced from real transactions by numerous investors. 'Empowerment' is our desire to, in a subdued trading market, use the innovative ideas and technical capabilities of the OTSO Fintech team to empower every role in the market, lowering entry barriers, enhancing investment profits, and creating a win-win situation for KOIs (signal providers), regular investors, and brokers."

Alex Lee, Founder and CEO of Quantum International Corp. (QIC), an investor in the seed round and current board member of OTSO Fintech, expressed confidence in OTSO Fintech's potential for asymmetric returns. Alex Lee commended the OTSO team for their international outlook and innovative thinking, predicting rapid growth for the company.

Having received recognition as the winner of the "International Market Potential Award" at the 2022 FinTech Taipei Awards and being named the "Most Innovative Community Trading System" by The Global Economist in 2023, OTSO Fintech continues to actively explore and

promote business in the international market. With the easing of the pandemic, the OTSO team has conducted market surveys, business promotions, and cooperation meetings in the United States, Europe, Australia, Dubai, and Southeast Asia, gaining attention from numerous brokers and industry professionals. Collaboration with a prominent Australian brokerage has accelerated the exposure and growth of the SoFinX Intelligent Social Trading Platform, instilling deeper confidence in OTSO Fintech's global expansion plans. In 2024, the company aims to focus on the Southeast Asian market, North Africa, the Middle East, the UK, and the EU, with the goal of achieving over 200 brokerage clients globally and generating a transaction volume exceeding $7.2T USD by 2025.

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